About: Who am I?

Some people may travel for existential reasons, in search of discovery of self and the answer to the question: Who am I? This isn’t my case, certainly travel has shaped me, has been a large contributor to my personality and the person I am today, but really, I travel because I love it. It’s that simple, I love discovering new places, experiencing new things, pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone. Whether it’s a jaunt around Prague or heading into the Sahara desert in an iron-ore freight train in Mauritania, I hope to share a few stories from my travels past and future as well as some general travel musings. After all travel is an endless pleasure, before a trip is the anticipation, during the adventure and after the fond memories.


3 thoughts on “About: Who am I?”

  1. Hi Globallychilled (not sure what your name is :D),

    Seems like you have explored quite a bit of the world and looking for some advice. A few of my friends and I are planning on making a trip down to the Amazon rainforest. I was hoping to find a pretty unique experience in that I wanted to spend 2 weeks in the jungle with some of the indigenous amazonians, live their lifestyle for a certain time period and explore the Amazon. I have read of a few places from your previous posts which sound great and other online sites but most of them seem to be ‘luxurious’. Wondering if you can provide any insight into the experience that I am looking for. Thanks for the help! Best of luck with your future travels.

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From Paris to Palawan, from Mexico to the Masai Mara, the world's a big ,exciting place to explore.

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