Travel tales, past and future


San Blas, Panama
Picture-perfect, San Blas, Panama

It’s Easter weekend, and what’s more, it’s raining, the perfect time for me to finish sorting through my boxes. 6 months ago I became a homeowner, quite a big step given my nomadic past. Not that this, in any way, means I have stopped travelling. Whilst I may no longer be living on the road out of a backpack, I still have ample opportunity to travel, be it on shorter trips.

But back to my boxes, within them I found my old travel journals. I regret having lost the habit of keeping journals, as picking one up, years later, takes me back to past adventures. I open a journal at random and, as it happens, it was one I wrote exactly 10 years ago. As I flick through the pages I am transported back in time to the jungles of Costa Rica and Finca Lomas. It’s the day after the night before and I awake in my hammock with built-in mosquito net. I’m hung-over from a pig-roast farewell party we held the day before and dreading having to go to the outhouse as I count some 60 or so mosquitoes on the net above me.

Flicking pages and I’m on the Valhalla, a 75ft yacht I caught from Panama to Colombia. We’re anchored off a small deserted island in the San Blas archipelago – it’s post-card perfect, soft sand, palm trees and clear water. I’ve gone off to the far end of the deck in search of a bit of solitude and reflect on my travelling companions, an eclectic bunch, and the journey so far. A couple days earlier we got stamped out of Panama but as it was a Sunday, the immigration officer on duty in this remote outpost had to be bribed with the promise of beer and a few games of pool in what is probably the only bar between Colon and Cartagena (oh and a ‘fee’ of $20).

I randomly flick through the journal, I’m in the Amazon for the first time, I’m in the Galapagos, I’m hiking to Machu Picchu… and all the while I smile to myself, remembering once-forgotten anecdotes. I may have lost the habit of keeping journals of my travels but my hope is that via this blog I can recount some tales of my adventures, both future and past. From Paris to Palawan, from Mexico to the Masai Mara, it’s a big, exciting world to explore.

Miles, Jenny and Arcelio
Farewell party at Finca Lomas, with Milles, Jenny and Arcelio
With Esther and Mona, San Blas, Panama
Living the life, sailing the Caribbean, with Esther and Mona
Blue-footed boobie, Galapagos Islands
Mike, Annika and Evonna en route to Machu Picchu
Walking the tracks to Machu Picchu with Mike, Annika and Evonna, Peru

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